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Motorcycles disturb quiet neighborhood
Letter to the editor

Editor, On the afternoon of June 20, my quiet neighborhood of Sharon, Lesa and Elaine streets bordering the usually serene Irene B. Thomas Park was basically “occupied” by a large, loud motorcycle group. I called the Hinesville Police Department and was informed by the HPD that about four or five people called about this incident. The motorcycle group involved about 30-40 motorcycles and had two individuals on private property on Sharon Street near the park entrance videotaping their entrance. Thankfully, the Hinesville police responded in force, and the “occupying force” quieted down and left in an orderly manner.

Reportedly, some of these motorcyclists were members of the active military stationed at Fort Stewart. I pray and hope this is totally false, as one soldier behaving off post is too many! As a retired Army veteran of the Vietnam War, city homeowner and property taxpayer for more than 25 years, I am ashamed of this reportedly off-post soldier behavior.

What is the answer? The Fort Stewart military command should put notices on proper soldier behavior in the Frontline and Coastal Courier newspapers pertaining to off-post actions with their civilian, military, retired military, residential partners. The city probably needs to beef up patrols of residential city parks on weekends, holidays and other important days with the police, to include the Fort Stewart Military Police personnel.

Hopefully, this was a one-time incident.

Kenneth Clark

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