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NAACP: More investigations justified
Letter to editor
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Editor, On Friday, Feb. 17, the Liberty County branch of the NAACP met with an agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation in response to a request for an investigation into possible civil rights violations by local county agencies.
In the past year, the Liberty County NAACP has been compiling complaints and incidents, documenting agencies’ responses and noting outcomes from various incidents that have taken place within our community. We have followed the required complaint process and took our complaints to the next level, although we were told by local and state investigating authorities that our findings were not supported by their investigations.
The Liberty County NAACP was left with an interpreted conclusion: You should move on and let the issue die.
Citizens have come to the Liberty County NAACP with real issues and concerns; they feel that none of the elected or appointed officials appear to be listening.
It is my view as the president of the Liberty County NAACP that the actions of elected and appointed leaders are in the best interest of a selected, influential few rather than the best interest of their constituents. I am prayerful that as the FBI looks into our reported issues and incidents, a just resolution is obtained.
The Liberty County NAACP awaits the FBI’s and the United States Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of Georgia’s view of the situation as they look further into our complaints. We ask for the community’s prayers and support as we continue to work toward partnerships with all to help the betterment of Liberty County through education, increased community involvement and fighting for justice. If you would like to contact the NAACP, please email or call 376-2578.

— Dwight Newbould
President, Liberty County NAACP

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