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Nuclear power not the way to go
Letter to editor
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Editor, I wonder how many people ever think about the danger of nuclear power. We know the benefits because we take advantage of them every day. How many of us ever stop to think about the fact that we have a nuclear power plant very close to us? For some, it might be comforting to know that because of nuclear power, a vast amount of energy is at our fingertips, and that is true. No one has to point out to me the shortages we would incur if it were not for nuclear power.
I, for one, am against nuclear power, always have been and always will be. I feel as though I am existing next to a time bomb. I have spoken out about this before, only to receive a call from Plant Hatch to “put my mind at ease” by explaining how safe it is. I was even invited to take a tour of the plant and see the operation.
Shortly after that, I heard a television news reporter say that there had been 90 “little” accidents at Plant Hatch over a period of time. Today, I heard on the news that four different nuclear power plants in this country have had small accidents. People were exposed in two cases. Will Plant Hatch be next? We don’t like to think about these things but we had better. We are in fact living very close to a time bomb. It is every citizen’s responsibility to see that it is as safe as possible and that all regulations regarding safety are heeded.
I urge every citizen to write to their congressman, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and the governor. Tell them you are concerned and insist that Plant Hatch, as well as all others, be inspected thoroughly and regularly for safety. The accidents at other plants should serve as a warning. Don’t be fooled. Whenever there is a little accident and radioactive gas escapes, it is going into our atmosphere. It affects all of us.
I urge you to be concerned and to write those letters. God help us if there is ever a major accident in Baxley.

— Mildred Jenkinson

Editor’s note: This letter was first printed in the Courier several years go and was resubmitted by the letter writer.

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