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Patty Leon: She’s Black, so what? And other random thoughts
Patty Leon new

Patty Leon


We are totally messed up as a country if people are going to go bat-guano- crazy out of their mind that Disney made the Little Mermaid a Black person instead of a white person in their upcoming live-action adaption of the animated cartoon movie.

It’s a fictional, mythological, folklore creature that doesn’t exist in reality — but OK, let’s get all angry about that. Mermaids aren’t real, not even the ones that perform at Weeki Wachee Springs State Park in Florida. Those are real women in a mermaid suit, in case you didn’t know.

Never mind the continued senseless violence across the country.

Don’t worry about inflation or the possibility of another potential work strike that could shatter the economy. To heck with the crumbling streets, outdated power grids, growing weather extremes, news desserts, food desserts, and climbing house prices.

Forget about the fact that kids are being bullied in schools, teachers, done with being disrespected, are leaving the profession in droves, nurses are still trying to treat people with COVID-19, polio is making a comeback in the U.S. and Monkeypox is a thing — after all, we need to ridicule a fictional character! Let’s forget that we have elected officials who continue to do nothing for we the people, except bicker about who is too woke, or too left, or too right. Sure, let’s ignore the fact that most politicians lie to us and do whatever they want to get more power and money.

Don’t worry about North Korea’s nuclear capabilities, the ongoing war in Ukraine and the growing alliance forming between Russia and China. No, instead let’s lose our minds that Disney made a Black Ariel.

Seriously? Why not focus on curbing crime, housing the homeless, feeding the hungry, caring for the elderly, reducing animal cruelty and saving the planet?

Why not support living wages for all? Why not volunteer at a food kitchen? Why not be better?

There is an entire generation of young Black girls who are seeing Ariel in a whole new way and loving the fact that they are being represented on the big screen. Why would any decent person in the world be mad at that?

Maybe that’s the point, these folks might not be decent at all.

The movie doesn’t premiere until May 2023 on the Disney-Plus streaming channel, yet the hateful rants of some have already dominated social media and will likely continue until the movie debuts — at which point they will amplify their hate even more.

What a shame! You know what else is a shame? That people need to be told not to cook chicken with Nyquil. Have we really fallen this far off the rails that the FDA has to publicly announce that this trend could be dangerous?

In addition to being dangerous, who in their right mind would even begin to think that this would make for a good recipe?

It was bad enough when we had to start telling people not to eat the Tide laundry pods. It made me wonder what other dumb warning signs are out there, here are a few I found online: Warning sign on a baby stroller: Take child out before folding. (I wonder who tried folding it with the kid still seated inside).

Warning on a carpenter’s drill: This product not intended for use as a dental drill. Warning label on a dishwasher: Don’t let children play in the dishwasher.

Warning level on a can of pepper spray: May irritate eyes. (Duh, that’s why we buy it). Warning on ink cartridge: Do not eat the toner. Warning on car sun shield: Do not drive car with shield in place.

Warning label on side of MDW Outdoor Group’s fox/bobcat urine powder: Not for human consumption. (This is right up there with the Nyquil chicken, y’all).

Warning label on Scrubbing Bubbles Fresh Brush: Do not use for personal hygiene.

Warning label on Christmas lights: For indoor/outdoor use only (Where else you going to use them?)

Warning on Superman costume: This costume does not enable flight or give you super powers.

Folks, we are in deep trouble!

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