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Raising taxes in Liberty is not acceptable
Letter to editor
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Editor, It is with great concern that I read in last Sunday’s Courier the article about Liberty County being short $1.6 million. What is even more disturbing is Ms. McGlothlin being quoted on page three as having said that this is not good news for homeowners and that it is too soon to say whether this shortage will affect the millage rates for the 2011 tax year.
It is outrageous for Liberty County to even think about raising property taxes when they have $2 million in delinquent taxes to collect. What is the county tax commissioner doing about this?
I went online and looked up some of those who are behind in their taxes, and it is definitely an eye-opener to see who they are — prominent citizens of Liberty County. Why do they get away, year after year, with not paying their taxes on time or at all? Why are the names of delinquent property owners not published in the Courier?
In these hard economic times, a tax increase would be downright criminal. I urge the property owners of Liberty County to let their county commissioners know that raising taxes is not an option. They need to find other solutions. Enough is enough.

— Rosemarie Swindal

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