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Reader glad to see Sound Off go
Sound off phone


For this reader, I was glad to see your publisher’s announcement that the “Sound-Off” feature is being cancelled.  I always hated that logo you used, of an angry man yelling into the phone.  That was not conducive to respectful discourse.

We need less yelling in public conversations, and more respectful listening and attempts to understand other points of view.  Tell that to our Twit in Chief, who is supposed to be setting an example for the rest of the country to follow.  He has failed miserably in that regard. His followers have equally failed miserably to hold him accountable for his conduct – in all things – as not only unacceptable, but also counter-productive.  Both of you will have much to answer for.

You just improved the content of your pages.  Thank you.

Rafe Semmes


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