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Renewing spouse ID is frustrating
Letter to editor
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Editor, On July 5, I set up an appointment for my wife at the Fort Stewart ID card section. I was told what forms were needed and I scheduled the appointment for Aug. 29. Spouse IDs are only made 60 days prior to expiration. My spouse’s ID will expire six days after our appointment date.
The day of the appointment, I was told that the forms that I provided were wrong. I was informed that the system has changed and they would not accept what I provided. The most current regulation that was provided is dated June 17, 2009. A supervisor suggested that I drive to Virginia to acquire the form in person.
I work a full-time job! Can anyone get a day off in an instant? I did talk with supervisors above the ID card section people, but it was like talking to deaf ears.
The end result is that my wife will have no health care. To obtain the proper documents, I will have to pay $265. Also, it may take 60 days to acquire the documents and another 60 days to get another appointment at the ID card section because retirees are at the bottom of the list.
Is this the way we support our soldiers and their spouses?

— Michael J. Smith,
Retired Sgt. 1st Class

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