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Resident responds to writer’s plight
Letter to the Editor generic

Dear editor:

Reading Mr. Howard’s plight on his neighborhood Hinesville’s Country Club estates, this somewhat describes Sharon, Elaine and Lesa Streets. With the exception of a few homeowners (maybe some renters, on their own, thank you, I’m sure your landlord/investor doesn’t care). 

I’ve been a homeowner since I bought my house in this neighborhood in October 1982. This neighborhood was once a nice, clean and tidy neighborhood. It was 80 percent homeowner, 20 rental, now it’s the opposite – 80 percent rental, 20 percent homeowner. 

Last year when I went to pay my homeowner property taxes I was informed by the Liberty County Tax Assessor that the city of Hinesville had slightly raised my property tax!  I urge you drive around this neighborhood; one rental property has 3-5 people living there, with a junked car in the back yard and now a junked truck in the front yard and on another street a two-story house, has garbage, filth and 4-5 cars parked in the front yard! 

The answer is simple, the city should reward all homeowners, not “investors” (they already get a tax break) with a reduction or city property tax credit, now, not after the election. If the elected officials can’t or won’t do it, maybe the citizens should simply find someone who can.

As Donald Trump said, “What do you have to lose?”


Joseph B. Stuart


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