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Resident says city is muzzling him
Letter to the editor

Editor, Locked out!

Here we are between two American holidays in memory of those who gave all for this country’s democracy and our nation’s independence. But unfortunately, I, Joseph B. Stuart, a resident of Hinesville for 34 years, city homeowner, property taxpayer for 32½ years, former head of our neighborhood-watch committee, retired military (Desert Shield/Storm-era veteran), per an April 29, 2015, letter from Hinesville City Manager Billy Edwards, have been barred from going to any further meetings of the City Council after his lecture to me on democracy and my responsibilities, and then something to the effect of my actions at the City Council meeting on April 16, 2015, were disruptive (I only spoke for one minute and then was hustled out the door) and impeded the council meeting.

I ask you to go on the city website, review the council recordings for that date, or any date I addressed the City Council, on a concern for me, my family, my neighborhood. And do you see me using profanity, threatening remarks, screaming, jumping up and down?

I contacted my City Council member, David Anderson, on the letter. He did not initially know or approve of it. I asked whether it was voted on by the City Council. He said no. I contacted Mr. Edwards and asked him about this letter, and he told me to write an apology letter to the mayor and council. (I’m not doing it. I wasn’t in the wrong. It’s not going to happen.) So I posed a question to both David Anderson and Mr. Edwards: “Suppose I go to a city meeting, say, in five months. You gonna ‘lock me up’?” In both cases, no answer.

So, Mr. Edwards, Mr. Mayor, City Council members, suppose I attempt to go to a meeting. You going to stand in the door, a la George Wallace, and deny me entrance? You going to lock me up in the Georgia state prison, a la Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.?

It’s simple. Write a letter to me or the Coastal Courier and end this stupidity. This will not end until you end it.

Joseph B. Stuart

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