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Retired teacher offers endorsements
Letter to editor
Letter to the Editor generic

Editor: I’ve not written a letter to the editor for a while, but I felt with the upcoming school board election it was time to share what I feel.

 My children were educated here and how grateful I am they were. They had wonderful teachers and were both active in school. My husband and I were active parents with the booster clubs at Bradwell and Liberty High. There was great pride in our schools. 

As a retired teacher, I now substitute in the schools. Our schools have remarkable teachers who work so hard for students. 

Much of a teacher’s time is spent on classroom management and paperwork, not allowing much time for teaching. Teachers are frustrated and need people who can provide leadership and support for our schools and be good stewards of our taxpayer monies. There are a few people who can help, only if we vote. 

We have an experienced, qualified person running for school board chairman in Scott Carrier. He brings experience as well as integrity to the position. As a former teacher and principal at the elementary and high school level, he can relate to the needs of students and teachers. Reading his bio in the paper, he wants to bring a positive environment to the classroom, insuring children can learn and teachers can teach. Isn’t this something we should all want. He’s frustrated because good teachers are leaving our school system and going to other districts. Shouldn’t we all be concerned about that?

Donita Strickland, in District 6, is running to bring honesty to the board and do whatever she can to improve our school system. She is a former educator who wants to bring a positive image to the position and improve our schools to where all children are successful. 

Annette Payne, in District 4, is a teacher who has won many awards for her ability to teach. She has a real desire to make a difference on the school board. Her expertise and experience makes her a wonderful candidate.

A forum to meet the candidates and hear their platforms is from 5 to 8 p.m. Thursday at the Liberty Performing Arts Center. I hope you will attend. 

I’m not sure why an outside organization is sponsoring the forum. Didn’t the school system buy the campus at Brewton-Parker College to use for school funtions as well as functions in the county? Surely they could’ve sponsored it.

Experience does matter. Integrity and compassion about our schools also matters. The three candidates reflect this. Our students deserve the best. Don’t you think?

Early voting began Monday and continues through May 15. Liberty County has many students who achieve much and do well, thank you for your dedication and efforts. Students are counting on us to get their best education. Will you help?

Many have said, ‘I don’t have children in the school system, why does this concern me? Well it should. You pay school taxes, so please vote. It helps our schools be better and can ensure we have the best stewards in charge of our tax dollars. You have a voice, use it. 

Bonny Carreker


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