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Rezoning plan a bad idea


The Hinesville Housing Authority’s request to rezone public housing on Gassaway St. and GA Hwy 196/E.G. Miles Parkway, as approved by the Liberty Consolidated Planning Commission, fails to pass the common sense test. The rezoning is for the purpose of replacing 29 units with a mix of 1 and 3 story buildings comprising 126 new units, parking for 220 vehicles, and the complete loss and destruction of the last remaining greenspace common to the Windhaven, Northwest Woods, and Arlington Park subdivisions in Hinesville. 

Public opinion opposed to the rezoning request was overwhelming and impressive at the May 19th LCPC meeting including dozens of affected subdivision residents who called in to voice their concern. Others including myself, who also registered in advance to speak in opposition, found themselves shut out at the last moment due to technical difficulties. If I can’t be heard, I hope I will be read. 

Environmentally, the plan increases noise and nighttime light pollution, wipes out wildlife habitat, and removes ever dwindling tree canopy and greenspace leading to increased CO2 emissions and contributing to global warming. Safety is jeopardized by increased traffic density and resultant vehicle accidents, particularly at the intersection of E.G. Miles Parkway and Arlington Drive, long notorious for being one of the most accident prone intersections in the city.  Safety is also jeopardized by building a public housing project right next to a federal railway used by Fort Stewart’s 3rd Infantry Division to deploy its tanks and heavy, armored combat vehicles. 

We are only two months into the COVID-19 pandemic and the state of Georgia has already turned to the federal government to request $$ billions in aid due to plummeting tax revenue, and the proposed Hinesville plan is to move forward with spending millions? I think not. Might be time for a course correction and instead find ways to be good SAVERS of precious taxpayer dollars.

This rezoning request should be tabled in order to come up with a more sensible plan because this one destroys natural resources and degrades quality of life. 


Curtis Velasco


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