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Schools should wait to make plans


The virus continues to rise and Liberty’s Coastal Courier no longer publishes our numbers since they’ve doubled in three weeks.  Before reopening schools, I think we should wait until July and see how it’s going by then.  

Comments can be sent to the Board of Education to address our concerns that kids start school safely, and if we agree on the procedures is the BOE recommending. 

The Board chair is Lily Baker and her email is:

We can all talk and address issues about students and the possible impact it could have on daycares, working parents and grandparents who care for students after school.  If something happens and one of our areas becomes affected, then daycares and parents/guardians would have to leave their jobs to take care of kids. If there is a continued spread, due to them getting it from their school environment, then it impacts schools, parents, daycares and guardians. 

The school should first publish procedures for clearing kids by presenting a doctor’s certificate in order for them to go back to school.

Parents should consider the safety factors so they can make a better decision on whether to attend in class learning or online learning. The BOE survey should contain a comment and solutions area.

It would be better to start school in September or wait to see coronavirus numbers for Liberty County before choosing a possibility of how to continue with students’ education.

Also all kids should be provided face shields to keep hands from touching face rather than spend thousands again on computers every three or four years. 

             Ray Ginn, Hinesville

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