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Sound off for April 10

“Thank you Coastal Courier for printing everyone even the fish wrap man who wasted 14 lines printed in the sound off to complain about someone else who wasn’t their concern. It’s always about the fish wrap man.”

“I would like to know why the Liberty County library is allowing a child molester to read to little kids. There are not supposed to be by law around little kids. This is a danger for children.”



“Rest in peace mad dog, I love you.”

“Two thumbs up for Ms. Wendy Underwood to her letter to the editor about parents disciplining their children. Parents should take note.”

“You have the right to complain when things go wrong, but you also have an obligation to say thank you when things go right.”

“I have one quick question for the Coastal Courier. Why is the Courier not interviewing the parents of the eight African American girls who were expelled from Liberty County High School for a fight? Why isn’t it being reported? Does it matter?”

“I have an important question to the principal of Liberty County High School. Where were your staff members when a fight escalated to nine girls fighting? You crucified the girls but where were the staff members? That is the question everyone is asking.”

“Kudos to the paper editor who responded in the Sound Off. I can only imagine how many hateful messages you receiving in a recording.”

“I cancelled all you bootleggers; get ready because that broom is coming through to sweep you up. The two places you will be able to go are IGA and church. The broom is coming through.”

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