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Sound off for April 23

“Why did the Liberty County Board of Education move the principal at LCHS to central office to student service? She couldn’t even handle the students at the high school. So why do you think she can take care of our students in the district?”

“It’s amazing that Mr. Howard who has been indicted on soliciting continues to be supported by the city but our CHILDREN are being railroaded for protecting themselves and their friends when schools FAILED to do so. Who do our children have to know to get the same treatment? Parents, let your voices be heard!”

“What is up with the women and the rest of the city council dropping the ball? They were in a hurry to rid local merchants from displaying merchandise in front of their stores, saying it looked trashy. How about the trash that sits on E.G. Miles Pkwy one of our busiest roads. Trailer parts with plastic flapping in the wind and a rusted fire truck. Bet a lot of that trash is too close to the property lines. Was the trash taxed last year?”

“Dear Parents: Please don’t send your sick child to school. The only thing that spreads quicker in a school other than gossip, of course, is the flu.”

“I cancelled all you bootleggers; get ready because that broom is coming through to sweep you up. The two places you will be able to go are IGA and church. The broom is coming through.”

“Does that fish wrap person know that he is not required to read The Coastal Courier? He sounds awfully triggered.”

“I’m very glad to hear that the deputies are receiving back pay because it is rightfully owed to them. Unfortunately that means no raises again this year for county employees. There are many employees that have worked over 10 years and have only received a cost of living raise which hasn’t even totaled up to a dollar. Ten years and no raise, but the County Commissioner received a $30,000 pay increase?”

“I read in the Coastal Courier that the Liberty County School Superintendent replaced the principal at LCHS. My children used to go there she was awful.”

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