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Sound off for April 30
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“Somebody please tell me that the military or Republicans will not buy a train for POTUS because Kim Jong Un has one! I am working on forgiving the generals for giving in to the foolishness of a parade because he liked the one France had....I don’t know, doesn’t it sound as if we are dealing with a spoiled brat and foolish parents who give in to every whim?”

“There is someone in the county that is changing and adding property lines on the public Geo maps.(Midway) I would assume this can only be done by someone working for the county who deals with land bought or sold with inputting new lines on land that’s been sold or plots needed. Good thing people keep their original plot and deeds. Stop stealing and buy your own.”  

“Time for Congress (or FCC) to take action and require ‘truth in caller ID’ regs. Require vendors, charities, political parties, poll-takers and so forth to show their actual identification on caller ID. I’m really tired of ‘local’ numbers that turn out to be some bozo in India or the Philippines telling me my computer is infected.”

“Paul Ryan is retiring from Congress. It’s time to retire Buddy Carter, too.”

“When will the board of education members, the board staff and Dr. Franklin Perry pull their heads out of the sand and see that our schools are being taken over by gangs, drugs and violence. There needs to be lockdown searches for these distractions to maintain good order, discipline, and safety of our schools and community. Stop doing what looks good on paper and do what needs to be done to keep our children safe, secure, and on the road to being educated, productive members of society.”

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