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Sound off for Aug. 22

“You are missing a couple of things when you do obituaries. One, who was their primary care doctor when they died? And how many times did they end up in the emergency room while under this primary care provider’s care? For you may have a lot of doctors who are causing a patient’s death practicing medicine right here in Hinesville.”  

“Our sign in Willowbrook subdivision still not fixed. It is rotted and falling apart. We do not have an HOA, so there are no funds to fix it. City council says it is not on them, so who repairs items in the city then? Our roads still flood even after repairs. Vicki Nelson, please get your district fixed. I’m tired of things not getting done. Our neighborhood looks like crap and needs attention.”

“Wow. I could not believe what I saw the other day at Midway Middle School. I was eating lunch with my son and I saw a lunch clerk take a child’s lunch from her and refused her a meal during lunchtime. The look on that child’s face. Wow. My great welcoming to Midway Middle School. Absolutely embarrassing for the child.”

“Courier, you printed the name of an individual on the city council requesting a discount at a restaurant. What is the policy for the city and the county elected officials upon getting discounts? I also heard the YMCA does the like same thing. We’ve already paid our taxes. And we don’t get them.”

“I walk a mile and a half three times a day behind the DFACS building and I’m hearing impaired slightly and cars run so quietly. So if I don’t get out of the way when you’re coming behind me please forgive me, because I just don’t hear you.”

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