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Sound off for Dec. 15

“Please get off the professional firefighter kick, volunteer firefighters are just as professional as those who get a pay check for being a firefighter. In fact, volunteers mainly spend their own monies to get the training they need to meet the same qualifications as those who chose it as their main occupation. Volunteers have to meet the same Georgia Fire Academy, georgia standards and training requirements as those who get a pay check. The members of my department are just as dedicated, and I believe and know are just as professional as those who get the pay check, please, stop saying there are professionals and then volunteers; there is no difference.”

“I would like the city council to investigate why the gas stations on post are ripping off the citizens of Hinesville. It is $2.52 to get gas here, and $2.42 or less in Richmond Hill and Savannah. I would like to know why gas here is not reduced, especially on post, which is supposed to help the soldiers.”

“Here we go again. Another school App to learn.”

“You would think Liberty County school principals getting paid $100,000-$130,000 could deal with students interrupting…STOP sending them back to class. Send them home. Let the parents deal with them. We teachers shouldn’t have to deal with this situation all the time.”

“Have you used the Heritage Bank’s ATMs lately? For I used the one in the PX to get money from a Master Card Credit Card and on the slip it said Checking account instead of Credit card transaction and it did not show the last four numbers on my credit card. Did the bank computers give me funds on someone else’s account? Are their computer’s bank on line? For last military payday their computers were hacked or just crashed. They may still be fouled up. So what is the deal with this bank?”

“To the person who keeps whining about Chick-Fil-A not being open on Sunday, get over yourself. You need to learn to go to businesses on their time schedule after all they own the business and not when you want it open. Life owes you nothing and neither do businesses.  There are other businesses in this country as well as Chick-Fil-A who are not open on the Sabbath. Many of us still believe in a day of rest which is Sunday and having time with our family, worship in our church and rest. So go from Monday to Saturday to Chick-Fil-A and be happy and quit whining like a child that wants his/her own way. ”

“Why were part of the comics missing, why was the top of some of the comic strips cut off, why has the same Henry comic strip been in the last, at least three papers, been the same? Does anyone check what’s in your paper before you publish it?”

“Liberty County sheriff’s office refuses to pay their employees overtime. Officers work long hours and don’t get off when they are scheduled to be off but yet don’t get paid for it.  LCSO if you want to keep people then pay them.”

“Just want to say thank you to Mindy Westphal who was the founding leader of No Excuse Mom- Fort Stewart and has created a group of healthy and friendly walkers and goal setters.  The name has been formally been changed to No Excuse Mom - Liberty County and I know she is happy to leave the group in great hands. Ladies if you need online and IRL support for your health goals in 2019 look us up on Facebook.”

“That person that keeps calling this newspaper ‘fishwrap’ is hilarious to me.  Someone who hates this paper so much sure does spend a lot of time with it.  Go out to your community and make some change rather than complaining to this so-called ‘fishwrap.’ Also, what’s wrong with being fish wrap? That is just recycling.  What are you supposed to do after you read the paper?  Using it as fishwrap is better than just throwing it away.”

“Liberty School System Forum wrap up: About 12 community members and every school principal attended. BOE Chair made a sarcastic comment because no new board members were in attendance (she has not learned a thing). Pattie Crane loves her boss, laughs at his jokes and thinks he’s the best. Jason Rogers answered all of the questions. He was clearly the smartest person on the stage. Deputy Superintendent answered no questions and struggled reading his one slide. Just as boring as that Monday message. Melissa Roberts sounded like she wanted to cry. Dr. Franklin chimed in on every question and caused the program to run over the scheduled time. Please become a better listener. Folks started to walk out at 7 p.m. as it was a total waste of my time, but the show went on. I feel sorry for teachers who worked a 10-12 hour day in the middle of the week. Please don’t leave our school system. Are we valuing teacher time? The community is not attending these events. Stop having them. Most folks were at the high school basketball game except the principal. One person on the stage struck me as knowledgeable. Shame that our senior school leaders cannot pick up on the obvious or have no courage to speak up and tell the top dogs shape up”.

“I strongly encourage the HPD to actively enforce two ongoing serious traffic violations. One is the center (left turn only) lane which is constantly being misused. The other is the hands free cell phone law. As a regular and cautious driver, I see these problems several time daily. Please don’t wait until someone is seriously injured or killed.”

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