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Sound off for Dec. 26

“Liberty School System Forum wrap up: About 12 community members and every school principal attended. BOE Chair made a sarcastic comment because no new board members were in attendance (she has not learned a thing). Pattie Crane loves her boss, laughs at his jokes and thinks he’s the best. Jason Rogers answered all of the questions. He was clearly the smartest person on the stage. Deputy Superintendent answered no questions and struggled reading his one slide. Just as boring as that Monday message. Melissa Roberts sounded like she wanted to cry. Dr. Franklin chimed in on every question and caused the program to run over the scheduled time. Please become a better listener. Folks started to walk out at 7 p.m. as it was a total waste of my time, but the show went on. I feel sorry for teachers who worked a 10-12 hour day in the middle of the week. Please don’t leave our school system. Are we valuing teacher time? The community is not attending these events. Stop having them. Most folks were at the high school basketball game except the principal. One person on the stage struck me as knowledgeable. Shame that our senior school leaders cannot pick up on the obvious or have no courage to speak up and tell the top dogs shape up”.

“I strongly encourage the HPD to actively enforce two ongoing serious traffic violations. One is the center (left turn only) lane which is constantly being misused. The other is the hands free cell phone law. As a regular and cautious driver, I see these problems several time daily. Please don’t wait until someone is seriously injured or killed.”

“Mrs. Etheridge this is not a sound off per say but I just want to tell you thank you for having the guts to print my sound offs. This is the fish wrap guy by the way. So I just wanted to say that and I’m glad that at least you have the courage or whatever you want to call it to publish, I don’t want to say negative sound offs about your paper, but  at least your fair and square. So I want to thank you for that and while I’m at it I want to wish you and the staff a Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Feliz Navidad and all that jazz.”

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