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Sound off for Dec. 29

“Congratulations on Chick-Fil-A by not opening on Sundays. A former company was a company that was never open on Sundays and they were a blessed company by staying closed on Sundays.”

“You know it is very disturbing to see how many people are so proud of Donald Trump, that they want to blame the Coastal Courier for everything. The thing about is that these people are coldhearted prejudice and they love Donald Trump in spite of all the things they can see with their own eyes if they have them open. This man doesn’t deserve to be president. Coastal Courier keep doing your good work, we love your paper and were going to keep getting it.” 

“I had a small problem with my car I bought from J.C. Lewis Ford in Hinesville. The service manager Nikki went out of her away and above and beyond the call of duty to make sure this problem was taken care of and everybody needs to do business with her because she is a wonderful person.”

“I think Toys for Tots is really great but there is one big problem. You have kids living out in trailer shacks and there are no cars for them to get in line and get those toys. Someone needs to do research and see where these kids are and actually get these toys out to them. There are a lot of people who know where they are and can help. This is really important because these kids get nothing.”

“Yes, it’s starting to look like Trump’s house of cards is starting to fall down. Maybe for Christmas, giving the American people a Christmas present by resigning would be nice.

“When Liberty County call for an evacuation of an area due to a Hurricane they need to shut off the power and gas to that area. For you have people that are addicted to computer games and won’t leave their desk top computers and will stay in their homes and mobile homes during a bad hurricane. For I know people who get cranky if their computer game time is interrupted.”

“Fifth grade parents at Lyman Hall know what is going on with your kids and grades. My son told me that on the last day before Christmas break they had many students in the hall doing makeup work. Is admin aware of this nonsense? Were parents notified?”

“In 2013 Trump said the president should be held accountable and fired for a Government shutdown. Trump has had three Government Shutdowns in 2018.”

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