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Sound off Feb. 19
Sound Off
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If you are stationed on Fort Stewart and you’re getting out, see the USO Pathfinder People.  David Shible at the USO helped me with my resume, VA Benefits advise and helped me with financial recommendations.  He truly cares as well as the other Pathfinders.  Thank you, David, for taking time and talking to my boss.  You are a true blessing and I told you I wanted to show my appreciation.

The Department. Of Justice has become that of a a filthy cesspool under William Barr at the head as its disgraceful Attorney General, who is not in accordance with American characteristics and it’s rule of law. Barr is highly adaptable at telling lies and  murdering the truth to only protect certain individuals whom by law under the criminal justice system are guilty of crimes that violate the rule of law against America. Barr has sought to put a choke hold on justice and make it highly ineffective in order to appease his master all at the expense of the American people. No one is above the law not even you, but Barr would have you to believe his master is without borders in his eyes.As a government and as a society, we are going to pay a price.

Just seen the Liberty County Animal Control Facebook Page.  The dog catcher lady is laying on the ground to catch a dog.  What the heck is this?  Absolutely ridiculous and unprofessional.  Seriously, who hires these people?  The guy with her acts like an arrogant fool too.  Way to toot your horns Animal Control.  Learn to be professional and stop acting like idiots!

I love my country and  served it for over four decades active Army fought in Southeast Asia and Southwest Asia. Served under eight administrations dating back to Richard Nixon. The current Commander-in-  Chief sets a bad example not only for American but for its Armed Forces. The Commander in Chief has sought to attack Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman for doing the right thing. Bearing true faith and allegiances to the U.S. Constitution. Putting his country before himself and exemplifying Army Values. Something the Commander in Chief can never comprehend that of, Selfless Service, Loyalty, Honor, Duty, Courage, Integrity and Respect. The Commander in Chief appears to be all about himself and lacks the the attributes of a real leader and does not have the wherewithal to treat people as they should be treated. Thank you Lieutenant colonel Vindman for upholding the Soldier’s Creed.

I think I know why the Military Medical System is starting to cut back Military Health at MTFs for the Retired Military and their Dependents and Active Duty Dependents. For the Democrat’s in the U.S. Congress would not give President Trump the money to complete the southern border wall . So he got the Funds from the Pentagon budget causing cuts in the Military Health System that article was sighting. And at almost the same time local TV put out the information on the President getting funds for the border wall from the Pentagon.

If you live in the Joyner road area or any other slum area and you don’t want to buy yard equipment to keep your yard in a high state of police and you live in a Rental or you don’t have time for good house cleaning and need a low cost maid. My solution for you is to vote for a Democratic President that will open our southern border and we get the 2.00 an hour Migrant Workers back. This way landlords could have cheap labor and your yards would be in a high state of police. And those who don’t like to clean house would have cheap Maid service. And maybe Liberty County could pave Joyner Road with 2.00 an hour labor.

So glad the unemployment rate is so low.  I now have my second job so I can stay in my rental and provide some added food for my family.  Still waiting for the big tax break.

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