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Sound off for Feb. 20

“I don’t know who is over the Recreation Department. But this basketball season sucks. The refs at the Shuman Center need to be replaced. It’s not fair to the kids. I will be going back to the YMCA.”

“LCSS needs to do better blocking sites like YouTube on iPads students use. It’s sad as an employee to see students watching/listening to music during instructional time. LCSS, tighten up your security because it’s affecting students and us teachers.”

“This is to the guy who put into the Sound Off about a nut that worked for (a pizza restaurant) saying negative things about President Trump. The guy you described died two years ago. There is another guy with almost the same MO who … is pro Trump and if you say negative things about President Trump he is liable to go off on you. For you may hear more from this guy. But I am glad you are a President Trump follower and I hope the rest of Liberty County is too because he is the first president in a long time to get things done. For his partial shutdown of the U.S. Government took guts that put the Democrats on notice that they better shape up and pass what he wants that is good for the people.”

“We need a NEW Walthourville mayor. She does not let Walthourville citizens speak at her city council meeting. She hasn’t put the city budget online since 2016. The city website is not updated. Water bill is still high. She promised it would go down. We need new leadership in Walthourville.  Still have no chief of police. Intern is not the same. Please vote her out in December election.”

“This is for Mr. Slander. If you want to find out about me and which political party I support, I am on Facebook. Plus there is a lot more information on me in Facebook.”

“Liberty County High School needs NEW leadership. My daughter who goes to the school says there’s an altercation every other week and the staff does nothing. How can you learn in an environment like that?”

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