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Sound off for Feb. 23
You can leave a short message by calling 912-876-3733 or going to that will be considered for inclusion in a future Sound off.

“Why doesn’t the Republican Party in Hinesville have an office here? And why isn’t this paper putting out information of upcoming events of the Republican Party? I have to get this information from the online office of the Republican Party in Sacramento, California.” (Editor’s note: The Liberty County Republican Party will convene a mass meeting at 9 a.m. March 9 to elect delegates. The county convention will convene at 10 a.m. The meeting and convention will be held at 100 N. Main Street inside the old Historic Courthouse in Hinesville. For more information, call 912-877-2007.)

“Wonder how many people will take advantage of no fire department on the coast.”

“Hinesville city government needs to start buying new buses for the Liberty Bus System. I have been on some of the buses that have had fumes from the exhaust system come up into the inside of the bus and effect both the riders and bus driver. They also have a problem with the bus pass readers on all the buses. And you can lose money this way because it does not stamp the date or amount left on the card or which bus. I buy a $5 bus pass every month. This way if I only have a $20 bill you don’t need to make change so I can pay the fare. What is city government doing with the money the federal government and the Georgia state government gives you for this bus system each month? No new buses no repairs on items mentioned. What’s with Hinesville city government? More routes could be added to get more cars and pedestrians off the streets. If they had good buses they could run them all the way to Savannah Mall and back for $10 one way. About what the military is paying to have buses go back and forth to downtown Savannah on military paydays. And have Liberty buses run up till 2 a.m. bar closing time in Hinesville; this would cut down on loitering and people being killed by drunk drivers. Now that the city knows about the problems get it fixed.”

“Why have all the pillars of the community removed their children from FPCA?” 

“Trump keeps saying the democrats are Socialists. I like my democratic socialist programs, VA, Tricare, Military and Civilian retirement, Social Security and Medicare.”

“The slander man has woke up the sleeping tiger. For I am more of a Republican than the slander man. At least I keep In touch with the White House and President Trump to let him know what a fine job he is doing for the people of the United States. I also give him suggestions lately it has been the wall and letting the U.S. Military build it he may be going that way if he declares a National Emergency at our southern border. Because the Dummycrats won’t give him the money for it. I also keep in touch with Buddy Carter by way of both their web sites. For you gave this paper fake news. You need to get the facts straight Mr. Slander man. I also have a girlfriend in California who is a devoted Republican.”

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