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Sound Off Feb. 26

The police department could make millions in speeding tickets if they posted an officer on Topi Trail. Cars and trucks zoom down that street all day, everyday.

Who pays for the promotion of the Transportation Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax? We know it’s not government. So who? Not the pass-through entities, the front groups, etc., where does the money REALLY come from?

Dr. Perry the new budget is coming up. Please see about classified staff getting a raise this year. Janitors, Cafeteria, Parapro. We have some Board members who lie around election time. We were supposed get a raise four years ago Mrs. Guyett. Still no raise. Something you promise four years ago.

The Number 5 crushed gravel that the road department put down on the North end of Phillips Rd - is NOT going to work. It’s just as bad to drive through -if not worse- than before. Even crushed asphalt isn’t very expensive. We shouldn’t have to drive in a mud pit. Fix this mess!

This is Sharon for I have been on Vacation for a week and a half. For I went back to my home town of Tacoma Washington to visit family and Friends. I spent some time at Madigan Army Hospital where I still have friends that work there. For I was stationed their after I got out of the Science and Health Academy at Fort Sam Houston Texas. For it is a big hospital now and open to the Retired Military. I remember when my father a Doctor (COL) worked at Madigan when it was still housed in the old World War 2 buildings. I spent some time in Seattle where I have Friends. And a lot of Time at Mount Rainier Skiing. And time at the Fort Lewis Gym. Right now I am at SeaTac International waiting for my flight back to Savannah and drive back to Liberty County. For I am due back to work Saturday. I will be sending your readers more information of health when I get back to Liberty County.

Why doesn’t LCCA have an application or lottery process? It is a privilege and students should have to prove they truly want or deserve the chance to attend!

I will not vote for TSPLOST.

If we had a state representative that had any clout in the state legislature, he could secure state funding for local road projects without putting it on the backs of local taxpayers. If he and the tax commssioner’s sister would pay their property taxes like everyone else has to, then there might be more money available for the county and cities to improve roads. We voted for E-SPLOST and the board of education has done nothing but waste those millions. It’s ludicrous for anyone to vote for levying another local tax when the taxes that are already being levied are being wasted.

Did Dr. Perry really call the paper and ask them to stop talking about Deputy Dawg?

Editor’s note: Who’s Deputy Dawg and what grade are you in?

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