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Sound off for Feb. 27

“Why have all the pillars of the community removed their children from FPCA?” 

“Trump keeps saying the democrats are socialists. I like my democratic socialist programs, VA, Tricare, Military and Civilian retirement, Social Security and Medicare.”

“The slander man has woke up the sleeping tiger. For I am more of a Republican than the slander man. At least I keep In touch with the White House and President Trump to let him know what a fine job he is doing for the people of the United States. I also give him suggestions lately it has been the wall and letting the U.S. Military build it he may be going that way if he declares a National Emergency at our southern border. Because the Dummycrats won’t give him the money for it. I also keep in touch with Buddy Carter by way of both their web sites. For you gave this paper fake news. You need to get the facts straight Mr. Slander man. I also have a girlfriend in California who is a devoted Republican.”

“Election time in November 2019 for city council so citizens of Hinesville quit complaining and get involved by running for office as city council person in your district or find out who is running. Talk with them and make your decision as to who you want in office that supports what you want done.  Call City Hall at 912-876-3564 on what is required to run or who is running in your district so you can make an informed decision who to vote for. We, the citizens, in our respective districts hold the power as to who gets in by our votes and also helping promote the person we chose to be elected.  I’m in District 3 and it’s time for a change.  We need someone who will be proactive and include the citizens in their district in decision making and being in contact with us as to what we need and want accomplished.  Change won’t come if you don’t get involved and at a minimum vote.”

“Will the Courier put information about the upcoming city elections in November?  Sure hope so!  We need info on who is running in each district and how we can make contact with them so we can make an informed decision as to who we want to put in office as our sitting council representative.”

“It irritates me that kids are going hungry when their money balance hits zero. My child was turned away and embarrassed because I received no notification that he had no money on his account. The app the school uses to pay for lunches has never given me problems in the past. This is ridiculous to take the lunch from the child and embarrass them and leave them hungry.”

“I don’t understand how our police officers, or judges, or district attorneys do not serve and protect! You had this soldier kill a young man and apparently he had serval DUI’s! Now you hear that another child was killed by a drunk driver in Glynn! What in the world is going on? You people that are supposed to serve and protect are not doing their jobs! Midway Police is a joke! Then you have all these people who break the law, carry weapons, threaten to kill and yet nothing happens to them. We hear they can’t prosecute because no one wants to testify! Well people you need to subpoena them! How do you let people off the hook and then later they actually do something horrible! You all who are supposed to protect should look at yourselves! You are not doing a good job!”

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