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Sound off for Feb. 6

“This is a shout out to the city of Riceboro which should be the city of shame. They’ve done one good deed. Please list the others. And they also need an internal audit within the city hall.”

“Hey Fishwrap people. Just once I would like to see a cartoon about Pelosi or Schumer or Waters or Clinton or Obama any of those jerks in your opinion column. Why is it just a Trump cartoon?”

“Most students do nothing but play on the iPads when they take them home. Also why do 8th graders need iPads at home again?”

“Paraprofessionals need to be credited by the BOE more. We do a lot: help students, grade papers and cover classes.”

“Congratulations to the FPCA Varsity Basketball team for making it to the playoffs!  Go Landers! Also, a huge shout out to the teachers and staff of FPCA for ensuring safety is present not only on school grounds but at all school events in the local area. So proud to be a part of the Lander family! Off to the playoffs!”

“I am so sick of going into Midway and seeing neglected abused animals wandering around! Today I saw a grey pitbull mix, obviously nursing puppies, starving and wandering by IGA looking for food. The people who do this neglect need to be held accountable. You are simply horrible stewards of your community. I left food and water behind IGA for her, pray she finds it. Inhumane and unacceptable.”

“I have to disagree with the resigning CEO of Liberty Regional Medical Center. Coastal Manor Nursing care has certainly not improved instead it has declined. Residents needing baths don’t get them regularly and only get a wet bath cloth before breakfast. Other residents are allowed showers every three days. This is certainly not good care.”

“We are blessed to have Pastor Newberry at the Crosswords Holy Church in Cobb. He’s always at the hospital for anyone that’s sick.”

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