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Sound off Feb. 12
Sound Off
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Pray for our schools. We are responsible for food, clothes, transportation, recruiting, therapy, safety, curbing violence, vaping, social media and various other things besides teaching. Hard to stay 100 percent focused on learning until the many barriers are removed. Don’t see how the system can stay together much longer with less and less good teachers coming in. Remember when parents supported schools? We pray that support comes back. Call your Teacher/Principal and thank him/her for choosing to work in such a hostile environment and discipline your kids.

Why is Hardee’s out of business?

This is Sharon with some medical information for you on high Potassium levels in the blood . Medical Name for this is Hyperkalemia . Which is more dangerous than low levels of Potassium. For it can kill you without warning. Because it causes Abnormal Heart Rhythms. For Potassium has a K symbol on your lab work . For safe level of K in the blood should be between 3.5 to 5.0 any readings above 5.0 is a high level. And if it is to high your Doctor will give you a RX for SPS which stands for Sodium Polystyrene Sulfonate to get the Potassium out of the Blood. And suggest that you go on a low Potassium Diet which is kind of hard because a lot of food has Potassium in it. But you can get low Potassium Diets on line or thru your PCM. You also get Potassium from certain Drugs like Eye Drops and Tooth Paste and other drugs. Well I hope this helped some one. One last note remember to get a copy of your Lab work it will tell you what foods to stay away from. Also get a Copy of the clinical evaluation your PCM or Doctor did it also gives you a lot of information on your treatment needed.

This is for all the people who got upset when I suggested stopping mail delivery on Saturday. The reason for this suggestion is that Saturday is the day most mail thefts take place. Which is a known fact. For even the lock boxes in these mobile home parks can be opened with a screwdriver. For a lot of people leave town on the week ends and expect their mail to be safe. Who’s there to see this does not happen? And usually the regular mail carrier is off on Saturday and another mail carrier has to do his route and your mail carriers route. For this is the way mail gets lost. My regular Mail carrier on #85 Joyner road does a outstanding job of getting the mail to my family. For he knows all their names and is very friendly and I can always tell when he is off. Because this is when mail problems start. For I did not mention that their would still be mail on Saturday at the Post Office Boxes at the Hinesville Post Office. For a Postal Worker is always  their 24/7 . Plus they have Video Cameras set up in the lock box area. For mail thief means ID Theft!

We as teachers know the public is tired of hearing from us; but these are cries for help.  Please BOE, allow us to tell our story.  We are losing colleagues to other counties because Dr. Perry and Deputy Dawg cannot lead us.  Stay tuned another local cabinet member departs!

Liberty County High School basketball team was a powerhouse at one time. What happened? I think we need a change in the coaching staff like we did  the Principal... My son's last year at Liberty County High..Thank GOD.

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