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Sound off for Jan. 12

“Those police K-9’s are trained to only bite bad people.”

“Buddy Carter voted for the wall- 5 million dollars. Buddy Carter voted against the farm bill that would help farmers in the first district.”

“What time is it? What time is it? It’s impeachment time!”

“I think machetes, hammers and sandpaper should be against the law.”

“Lily Baker if you don’t think you have to consider the military when you make decisions (as you stated in the last meeting) then you should not be the board chair in a military town! You just lost my vote next time!”

“If we are one nation under God, and God says ‘do unto others as they would do unto you,’ does that mean that all these people that are killing their children and killing each other should spend the rest of their life in jail or be executed?”

“What a waste of money for Hinesville people to have to pay for a Public Relations Manager.”

“I wish someone would send a road superintendent to ride down East First Street, over on the Isle of Wight, maybe in a brand-new car, and see what you think of our roads over here. We pay a lot in taxes and the roads are horrendous.” 

“Why do you have to pay nine cents at Midway IGA for brown paper bags when at other stores they are free?”

“Uh yes, I’m just reading the paper now and happened to start with the Sound-offs. This guy that calls it the Coastal Fish-wrap, I don’t know, he must be under some kind of spell. Trump must really have him under some kind of spell or something because anybody with any common sense can really see what’s happening. I don’t know, but these people will never change. Trump has conned them, and they will stick with that con. He’s a professional con-man, and it’s showing all over.”

“I say we should ban ex-wives, and hammers.”

“People should lay off the City Manager. Wasn’t that long ago that the County Manager was in the same trouble. Remember ‘Peeping Joey’?”

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