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Sound off for Jan. 23

“Perhaps ya’ll should consider renaming Sound Off to Whiners Corner. Maybe alternate it from week to week and have another called Solutions Column. One week let the whiners have their forum and the next let those with positive attitudes that seek solutions and get a plan of action to resolve issues have their say. In my humble opinion ‘whiners’ are part of any problem instead of being a part of the solution.”

“Mrs. Baker! I cannot believe you think you don’t need to consider the military when you make decisions! Seriously? Do you realize how many of your voters are military or civilian employees? Thank you to the other board members for thinking of us!”

 “I’ve served my country for over four decades under a number of Commander in Chiefs during this time. The current Commander in Chief is a bad example and a poor excuse for the office.”

“I wish someone would send a road superintendent to ride down east First Street maybe in a brand new car and see what you think of our roads over here. We pay awful taxes and the road is horrendous.”

“Why do you have to pay nine cents at Midway IGA for brown paper bags and at other stores they are free?”

“I would like to see every federal government position seated in a part of congress be voted out and stop this nonsense for the way this is going. Our country is fed up with the democrats and the republicans. I would like everybody to be voted out.”

“People should lay off the city manager; it wasn’t that long ago that the county manager was in the same trouble. Remember peeping Joe?” (Editor’s note: Liberty County Administrator Joey Brown was acquitted on one count of peeping tom and one count of invasion of privacy following a two-day trial nearly 12 years ago.)

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