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Sound Off July 24
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“Why is it that outsiders are allowed to come into the Fleming community and litter our road with fruit signs and the inspectors allow them to violate local ordinances?”

“To the city of Ludowici: Please look into the water situation that is happening both in town and on the outskirts. The smell is dreadful and the color is a dirty shade of NOT clean.  I’m quite tempted to do my own personal testing of the water to be sure it is safe not only for my family, but the community as a whole.  Long County is building up and is a lovely place to live. Please value your community enough to look into the situation.”

“I wonder who were the idiots that approved the new subdivision on Rye Patch Road? They chopped down all those trees for what?”

“Mr. Lovette (Commissioner), word got around that you made an animal control officer resign?  That officer did so well and I witnessed his love and care for the community. We hope you had a good reason to let him go.  Animal control will not be the same and it will go back to the old ways of nothing getting done.”

“How can the mayor and city council ignore reports of sexual harassment?”

“The person talking about striking Donald Trump from the face of the earth and sending him to hell… whoever wrote that you’re in the wrong. You better change your mind before you get there.”

“Parents of Liberty County students, as the new school year approaches let’s not forget the LCHS and BI students who were unjustly removed from their high schools last March and sent to alternative schools by a system uninterested in a fair due process during a school tribunal hearing and a school board full of yes men and women who did not bother to take a stand knowing the punishments were extreme.  Some of us continue to fight for these children, most of whom were student athletes with no disciplinary history.  Last year it was our children, next year could be yours!  Put the Superintendent and School Board on notice, WE ARE WATCHING!”

“Shame on you Buddy Carter for not voting for the minimum pay increase bill. I guess you do not work two jobs!”

“Trump says AOC should go back to where she came from-- well it is the same location where he was born.  Maybe he should go back.”

“Liberty County citizens, you may notice in the very near future Liberty County employees become very disgruntled about the raises given to the Sheriff’s Department and no other departments, there are people working for LCSO that have only been there for two years that will be making more than employees that have been with the county for 10 to almost 20 years.  Fair, I think not!  Ticked off, oh yeah.  Talk about feeling unappreciated, this is a horrible thing and NOT at all fair to those of us that have been with the county and not getting raises for 12 years!  There is nothing that will change my mind, the only way the county can make this up to us is to give all of us the same kind of raise as those given to Liberty County Sheriff’s Department!”

“I would like to say that there is a Social Case Manager who is very unprofessional! I cannot believe that this woman was fired from DFACS due to a case she was working on and she has been hired again! Is Liberty County DFACS that desperate they hire people they have fired? I have personally put in a complaint to our Governor because this is absolutely ridiculous! I will not have this woman be my case worker! She is incompetent!”

“Listening to Buddy Carter tell why he voted against the ban on off shore drilling was because of the new jobs it would bring.  Yet at the airport he was telling [a TV news station] that the economy is doing great, unemployment is low and that anyone who wants to work can find a great job in our area.  So which one do we believe?  Thank goodness there is another Republican running against him in the primary and a Democrat in the regular election.  Good bye Buddy!”

“To the person who wants to eradicate Donald Trump, this is not a Christian attitude. If you like to pray on your knees, put pads on it. Pray for his guidance and most of all, honesty.”

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