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Sound off for June 21

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“If you are not a native American then you are an immigrant to this country.  Can you imagine being separated from your parents? This is a shameful time in our country. The soul of this country was founded on immigrants.”  

“In response to the accreditation, it is really sad that we have members on the BoE that refuse to do their job and go to the training. Are you just there for the paycheck? Why are you even sitting on the BOE if you can’t do what you are required to do? The decisions that you are making will effect over 600 students that will make up the class of 2019.”

“Way to go long county commissioners. Way to represent your districts. Physical altercations in executive session?”

“So, is Donald Trump still donating his paychecks back to the government? Have not seen his public presentations since the first one. I guess maybe this was just another lie.”

“Maybe it is time for the Native Americans to tell us all to get out their country. Look at what we have done to their wonderful country.”

“Where is Buddy Carter on the zero policy? Oh, ask his office and they will tell you he is behind Trump all the way.  What a shame. We need someone to replace him, someone who has empathy.”

“Would this zero policy even exist if these were white people?”

“If Dr. Yvette Keel and Carolyn Smith-Carter, or any other education board members, refuse to do their job to keep the accreditation then remove them from those positions. Our children should not suffer and lose accreditation because of their unwillingness to do their job.”

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