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Sound off for June 28

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“King Charles I or Donald? / Here lies our sovereign lord the king, / whose word no man relied on...

“The picture of the pre-K students and the Parker’s check donation was very nice. The question I have is, ‘does any of that money ever make it to the schools and students?’ I’m pretty sure the answer is no. It goes into the central office slush fund and is used for food and other things at the board office. Parker’s should just keep their money because students do not benefit from the donations.”

“Welcome, Dr. Perry, I’m glad you cleaning house in our elementary principal department. Please don’t forget about the high school principal. My child is going to the 11th grade. We will see how thats go.”

“Sheriff Sikes, please bring the  DARE Drug program back in the schools. Especially the high school. If you can give your self a $20,000 raise, you can start the program again. If the late Sheriff Don Martin could budget it, you can do it too.”

“Jimmy Johns gourmet, not a good way to start a business, telling us to go to and you’re not even on there for Hinesville, and no way for us to place orders for pick up or delivery or check out your store.”

“Trump said we are going to have a red wave in November. This is from a guy whose impeachment poll numbers are higher than Nixon. If we have a red wave, the election was rigged by Trump and Putin.”

“Dear EMC, many of us would like to come to an annual meeting, but we cannot as we work during the week. Why not have it on a Saturday?”

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