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Sound off for March 6

“FPCA problems can be summed up in one word, leadership.”

“Have you had your TV stolen lately? You may find it at the Dumpsters off Joyner Road on the Southway  MHP side. For every two weeks it seems like TVs show up on the ground or in the dumpsters and block the way for the dumpster truck to pick up the trash. Some have the old picture tubes which could blow up if they break. They also put furniture in the dumpsters. This needs to go 50 yards down the road or four to five mobile homes to the dry trash pickup point a sign is posted. Then we have people who don’t live in this mobile home park dumping the items that are dry trash in the dumpster.”

“Paraprofessionals go out and beyond every single day. Not only do they work in classes, or lunch duty, they are the ones who step up when there is no substitute teacher. They know our students better than anyone. And yet they are mistreated, looked down upon, and their pay is terrible! BOE, most of you were once a paraprofessional, including teachers and yet why do you allow such terrible pay? Why do only teachers get more when you have paraprofessionals who also do the same work? Why do teachers look down on paraprofessionals when you were once a paraprofessional too? Paraprofessionals need to be recognized more!”

“Suggestion to Walmart: Put a device that would emit sounds to keep the birds away. There is a world of difference when I shop at Kroger’s. If you notice, most Kroger’s have an owl by their sign - few signs of birds in their parking lot.”

“I read on the Parents Involved in Liberty County page that the new AP was praying with students early one morning at BI. Now, if we can just get him to correct the kids, we’d be doing great!”

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