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Sound Off Nov. 13
Sound Off
These opinions are not the Courier’s. Callers are not required to identify themselves, so we can verify neither sources nor motives. You may anonymously submit a comment online at or by phone by calling 876-3733.

Call 876-3733.

These opinions are not the Courier’s. Callers are not required to identify themselves, so we can verify neither sources nor motives. You may also anonymously submit a comment online at

I’m still laughing after hearing Mr Osteen’s comments about his client, Kenny Howard. He said that after the pretrial action, his client was proven innocent. News flash! Innocent people don’t take a deal and complete 25 hours of community service, take a class on the dangers of prostitution, and pay a $250 fine. Guilty people do that when they are receiving a light sentence because of some political deal. Please don’t assume that all the citizens of Hinesville are stupid enough to believe you.

To the fish wrap guy: “Ok, boomer.”

This is for the Banks and Businesses who rely on pin # for customer access to accounts. For you are not very smart using this system that could be hacked into to get funds for terrorist activity and information on your customers. The Military and the Department of Defense found this out a long time ago. For they did away with crypto books and keys and pin numbers. And have gone to finger and thumb print readers and Iris Eye Readers and Facial recognition readers. If you have a camera or thumb print reader you can use this to access My Pay. And Face Book uses facial Recognition Readers to get into Face Book. Other Country’s use Thumb Print Readers to see if you are eligible to Vote in Elections this cuts down on voter fraud.  Mr. Civilian lets get with the program.

Love the new Trump shirts- read the transcript.  Maybe everyone should read the transcripts coming out from the impeachment hearings. Thanks for reminding us.

Teaching in Liberty Co is a dangerous job. At what point do the administrators and the BOE protect the teachers? Why is it acceptable for teachers to be attacked and abused by their students? Why aren’t teachers able to feel safe in their classrooms? Something is very, very wrong in our schools. Parents, talk to your children. Ask them what they have to witness in their classrooms. Students throwing chairs, flipping tables, attacking adults, cursing at’s a shame that this is what our school system has become.

This is for my fish wrap friend. If you want a update on all the sound offs you need to check out the coastal courier web site. All the sound offs that hit the WEB are on their web site by date and time put on the web. This may include the call ins to. As for your fish wrap it maybe on the way out. Even when the paper that is needed for a newspaper drops they will have the Coastal Courier on line and payments will be made on line. And the Post Office will lose money. Because the fish wrap will no longer be. And you wont get a paper statement from the Heritage Bank for fish wrap. It will be on line banking. And we will let it all hang out to finance terrorist groups thru Computer Hacking.

It is so wonderful that the citizens of Walthourville will finally get the leadership they deserve.

Someone needs to investigate World of Tank Blitz online MMO. See “ App Store’s Reviews” for citations. Game is corrosive-endorses communism-teaches kids to gamble- and manipulates losses in play.

So if I give potential jurors a monetary donation that would be ok? Seems like that is trying to buy a verdict.  Trump is doing the exact thing by giving senators money for their upcoming campaign- smells like a bribe to me.

This comment is directed to the person complaining about this generation of students and their lack of respect. How dare you immediately place blame on the parents, respect is EARNED. As a parent I have taught my children how to respect others but I have also taught them not to be someone’s doormat or punching bag. Not all teachers treat all students with respect, embarrassing a student in front of others or talking down to them doesn’t earn them RESPECT. So to finish this don’t lump this generation of students together or place blame unless you have spent a day or week in a classroom other than your own! You get what you give, that’s what needs to be taught, to everyone.

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