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Sound off for Oct. 10

“It was good to read in a recent front page photo caption that the extended runway at the airport will allow Wright Field to handle heavier equipment including armored tanks. Back in my old unit we always thought the armored tanks were the best kind.”

“Why did you stop putting the link on the Sound Off to submit messages?  I had to find an old link to do so?”

“I recently moved to Hinesville from Virginia and am completely baffled as to why there is no Kroger fuel center in town. We have a Kroger, that is my primary grocery store, but I have to drive 30 minutes to Richmond Hill to use Kroger’s gas. That is completely ridiculous!” 

“Roughly a 75 percent of reduction in man hours. Will our water bill go down than? Especially for single elderly people on Social Security and who use a lot less water. Keep Liberty Beautiful always suggests to save water, but why, there is no financial gain.”

“The Liberty County School System is failing! Seriously, why do we have to have classroom management training with a woman who clearly has no clue on what classroom management is! You think by taking their iPads will do anything. I really think we need to start doing surveys on these so called trainers that come from the board! No one wants to hear what we’re doing wrong. Or we are the problem.” 

“America here’s the sad part about this entire process, sexual assault and sexual harassment is real and the victim could very well  be your daughter, your son, your granddaughter, or someone you care deeply about. I’m just saying, it happens and it’s real.”

“We need these administrators to grow a backbone and start calling parents or better yet please send the students home! How many times do we need to call their parents? You’re all making it difficult for your teachers to come to work! These pep talks you all give them do not work.”

“I remember the Clarence Thomas hearing. Judge Thomas was no altar boy if the truth be told. Thomas got a pass that he rightfully didn’t deserve by the Senate. The Senate gave blind eyes to the truth then as they do today. History has a way of repeating itself. I will always view Judge Thomas as a political dark spot on the Supreme Court. History has a way of repeating itself. Some of the same men who were on the Judiciary Committee are still there today with the same view that they held against Anita Hill. Everything in life is about the truth from cradle to grave.”

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