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Sound off for Oct. 20

“Publix is a fine store with great sales, much fresher produce, and far better meats than either Kroger or WalMart.  #LC Development, maybe they can be enticed to 95 and 84 in a much-needed quality shopping center that will also attract more businesses and travelers off 95.”

“I have been teaching here in the Liberty County School System for eight years. I never ever seen nothing like this. Teachers talking about other teachers. We are here to teach, not to gossip about other teachers. I don’t care what she has on to wear, I don’t care about what she drives, I don’t  care if her jeans are tight, I don’t care if she hangs out with the principal on the weekend, again we are here to teach the children.”

“I’d also like to know more about the accusations of purging voter rolls. This is a serious charge. If anything illegal has occurred, the public has a right to know. #BrianKemp, what do you have to say?” 

“Liberty County School Superintendent Dr. Perry: please tell your school office staff to stay in their lane. The school office staff is not the principal of the school.”

“My daughter attends Waldo Pafford Elementary School in Hinesville and it is ridiculous that these poor second graders have to switch classes for every single subject. She comes home every day she’s in tears she’s crying complaining about the work, she’s complaining she doesn’t have enough time to complete her work. Who is going to take a stance for these poor children that have to switch classes for every subject in second grade? Is there another school in this district I can send her to that doesn’t do the same madness?”

“I know this Sound Off won’t be put in your fish wrap newspaper, but I’m calling in any way. You need to bring Jeff Whitten back to your staff and Patty you need to go back to writing food articles. Your paper is no longer interesting to read and I don’t know what you can do about it, but your paper sucks plain and simple. You’re anti-trump and that’s another reason why I am going to stop my subscription to your fish wrap.”

“There’s someone in the Honey Ridge area living in a camper trailer. I’m just wondering if this is permitted within city limits.”

“I would just like to request the newspaper carry a sample ballot. With all the emphasis on the upcoming election and encouraging people to vote, it would be most helpful to have a copy of that sample ballot ahead of time.”

“Can anybody tell me when the Dairy Queen is going to be open?”

“Elected officials clearing land in Homestown for a new youth center, they should have to go through the same permit process as the rest of the county. Go get your permits, we had too.”

“As the polls officially open, remember the words of former president Franklin D. Roosevelt, ‘Nobody will ever deprive the American people of the right to vote except the American people themselves and the only way they could do this is by not voting.’”

“The Coastal Courier posted a picture of an elected official groundbreaking for the Holmestown youth center, none of them have clearing permits like I had to do.”

“This is for all the businesses who raised their prices in. Because you feel the military will get a pay raise and the retired military will get a large COLA due to President Trump’s inflation on the cost of living in the United States. And those on Social Security will see a large COLA. Well thanks to the Republicans it won’t happen. You all need to go to Facebook to see what is happening. For they want to cut entitlements like the military’s housing allowance, and clothing allowance and they want to do away with Social Security. And they have even suggested doing away with those that reach age 50 by lethal injection. All this to pay for the tax cuts for the rich.”

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