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Sound Off Oct. 23
Sound Off
These opinions are not the Courier’s. Callers are not required to identify themselves, so we can verify neither sources nor motives. You may anonymously submit a comment online at or by phone by calling 876-3733.

Call 876-3733.

These opinions are not the Courier’s. Callers are not required to identify themselves, so we can verify neither sources nor motives. You may also anonymously submit a comment online at

“Buddy Carter said on national TV there is nothing wrong with asking foreign countries for help in our elections.  So you have to wonder who has helped him.”

“Graduate scores were up because of Dr. Lee. Thank you, Dr. Lee.”

“Which party are you going to vote for President in 2020? Both parties, the Democrats and Republicans, act like a bunch of gangsters. I hope we have a third party that has someone running for President. There must be a lot of Democrats with high security clearances. Or can the government and military do away will red and blue and black and green cover sheets on all the high security information. Sounds like what is happening in Washington D.C. What is to happen if there is a military action by President Trump and the Democrats who don’t have the need to know about it? If they did and it was leaked to the news to discredit President Trump it could get military people killed.”

“I am dealing with hoodies, earbuds, cell phones and other self-imposed distractions not announced until we discovered them in the (school system) code of conduct. Please use your advisory committees, forums, board meetings, and cabinet meetings to help me, your teacher, to focus on teaching. Even a first year teacher knows better than to allow students to wear earbuds while walking through the hallways. Students are not responsible enough to remove hoods and take out earbuds so I use daily instructional time to go to battle with students. I’ll make my exodus from LCSS soon after more than 20 years. Just like most of my department, I don’t mind spending my last few years in a place that pays a bit less but pays attention to the details.”

“This is to whoever is in CHARGE of these soldiers. These soldiers feel they are over everyone and think they have no consequences for their actions. How do you allow these soldiers to come into the schools whether on base or in our county to yell and threaten the citizens? Where are these commanders or whoever is charge of them? They feel they have every right to tell or cuss! What happened to calling their chain in command?”

“I got a question for the fish wrap man. Will we still be able to vote for President Trump if he is impeached? Or will our republican party run someone else for president so the democrats won’t make it a one party system. I am lost in the Republican Party on who to vote for. For if President Trump is replaced by a democratic president a lot of people will lose their jobs and the stock market could crash. Because the democrats have said they want to get rid of the billionaires and millionaires who create jobs. Any advice on what us republican voters ought to do?”

“We need a fried chicken store in Midway - the old Huddle House would be a great location.  You have to drive to Richmond Hill or to Hinesville to buy fried chicken.”

“Bill Barr needs to be put behind bars.”

“This message is to the Board of Education, principals, and assistant principals! I know you all have to recognize teachers for their hard work and we all agree but why are PARAPROFESSIONALS not recognized for their hard work? We work just as hard as a teacher and the pay is horrible! If the teacher does not come to work and there is no sub, who steps in? We do! Yes we don’t have a teaching certificate and maybe we don’t want one but it does not mean we should not get recognized just like teachers do! You all get recognized as well! Something needs to change and it all starts with all of you!”

“Why is Buddy, David and Johnny putting their party (GOP) before national and election security?”

“Dr. Perry, when did you approve our schools band/chorus singing in churches...Religion should not be forced on our children in a school setting.”

“When do we get to vote for new county commissioners? They must all be democrats because nothing is getting done. And they must not set up county ordinances from what I heard from my landlord. They don’t have an ordinance requiring mobile home parks to have skirting on their mobile homes. Which is needed to keep the wild animals from setting up a home under the mobile homes that could cause problems. And the landlords don’t have to have paved roads that are maintained in their mobile home parks. A dirt road causes problems along with unkempt paved roads. And then we have a county road (Joyner Road) that has been unpaved since we moved here in the 1980s. But it has Hinesville city man holes (sewer system) under a foot of dirt. This is Commissioner Thrift’s area. She has managed to pave all the roads where she lives. But not Joyner Road. They did pave the road in front of the electric company and all the dirt washes off the dirt road on to it and down the storm drains on 196 West.  We need a change in Liberty County government.”

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