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Sound off for Oct. 27

“This is to our so called fair and balanced editor who probably watches CNN and MSNBC nightly. I am the fish wrap guy who watches Fox news to get the real news and the truth about what’s happening in our country. Oh yeah, you didn’t have to admit you were a democrat we could tell that as soon as you took over the newspaper.  Please bring Jeff Whitten back. I’m sure the Washington Post or New York times would hire someone like you since you’re such a fair and balanced person. Print this if you dare.” 

“Alright Hinesville Mayor and Council, what are you going to do now?  Seems like your golden child has stepped on his you know what.  Let’s see if you replace him as quick as you did Mr. Edwards!” 

“For I am a young Republican and we are trying to do away with Medicare and Social Security due to the fact it is not an Entitlement like my representatives in the U.S. Government thinks for all of us working people pay into a Social Security and Medicare Accounts. Check out your pay stub. For I have an idea that will do away with both programs and give us more money in our pay checks and that is to terminate life in the United States at age 50. By Lethal Injection. In other words, the life span in the U.S. would be 50 years old. For local Law enforcement could round up all those 50-year olds and older and take them to the nearest hospital or prison to have this done. This will solve the U.S. Government’s problem, and give us younger folks more money in our paychecks.” [Editor’s note: Those of us 50 and older might remember the sci-fi flick “Logan’s Run,” where people in the future were executed once they reached the ripe old age of 30. I wonder if this caller has seen this movie. Therefore, I don’t think his/her solution is a novel one. And, I believe he/she is being sarcastic. At least, I hope so!] 

“Since when did the city of Hinesville decide that supporting prostitution was alright?”

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