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Sound off for Oct. 31
Sound off phone

“The Coastal Courier posted a picture of an elected official groundbreaking for the Holmestown youth center, none of them have clearing permits like I had to do.”

“Hinesville police? Why is everyone allowed to walk in traffic? No one uses crosswalks? People adults and kids ride bicycles and run out in front of heavy traffic? Is there no LAWS?”

“What I want to know is, how can the two women on city council support the city manager’s actions? Do they not care that there are women at City Hall that may be uncomfortable working? What about #metoo? So disappointed.”

“If Mr. Kemp took all these people off the registered voter list because they moved when they did not move. He must have been in on the 911 address change. For how is Liberty County going to get a jury pool when he dropped all these people from the registered voter list. For this is where they get the names and addresses for the Jury Pool. For I am no longer on the Jury pool because of a 75 percent hearing loss in both ears. But may qualify now because I have two hearing aids. For the Court system would be better off getting the names for Jury Duty from the Driver’s License section of the State Patrol for they have the 911 Addresses. If no back ground check were done. This must mean I can buy a weapon with no back ground checks. And it’s bad when you read about Mr. Kemp from a school teacher in California on Facebook.”

“Regarding camper trailer living in a residential housing area, pretty sure the answer is no.  Simply go to city’s website and look up code enforcement and call them and asked or read the city’s ordinances for residential housing areas.”

“Fish wrap or whatever you call the paper is all too good to wipe glass, or pack dishes. Interesting to read for senior citizens, it is not.”

“Since when did the city of Hinesville decide that supporting prostitution was alright?”

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