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Sound off for May 29

“PARENTS....ETHICS violations about superintendents, etc., can be sent to the Georgia Standards Commission. Also, if your child’s information is being shared without consent this is called a FERPA violation which is covered by FEDERAL STATUTE! Make sure you report!”


“Thank you for letting us know that the post office is not doing its job. Where is my Coastal Courier for Wednesday, May 22? What the post office has been doing is sending out their mail handler before all the mail to us broke down so Wednesday’s mail won’t be delivered till Thursday. Your mail sits in the post office all day and night all because civilians melt in this heat. The post office needs to hire mail carriers who are ex-military who have been to Iraq and Afghanistan who can take the heat.”


“A lot of Democratic landlords can’t get anything done without the illegal migrant workers that worked for $2. For President Trump has locked them out at our Southern Border. An example of nothing getting done that I saw on my ride thru South Way Mobile Park was run down trailers and a wild fire waiting to happen. So I made the suggestion to President Trump to have these land lords sign and sponsor the illegal migrant workers that they would have to provide housing and food for the migrant worker to keep them off our welfare programs. And if they commit a crime here in the United States that the landlord would go to jail to as an accessory to the crime. This would only happen if Congress would give President Trump the money for the Wall and southern border security that he asked for.”


“It's a shame we don't have middle school softball. They need to change the rule on sixth graders playing middle school sports. Sixth grader's should be able the play middle school sports. Liberty County children has too many sixth graders who would love to play middle school sports… softball, baseball, soccer, volleyball…”


“Maybe Compassion Church can show FPCA some leadership qualities.”              


“I have been a teacher in Liberty County for 10 years. Some of these children do not respect us. Parents have to do a better job teaching their children to respect their teachers. And we need more support from our Administration.”


“I would just like to say, Mr. Howard: This is ridiculous what you did. This is a reflection on the City of Hinesville. If you should come out free; I hope you learned your lesson from this incident.”

“I attended my child’s kindergarten graduation at Button Gwinnett Elementary. During the ceremony my child’s teacher was assaulted by another parent, and later the assistant principal fell on the stage. Where was the principal during all this... well she was showing her spanx on stage.  According to other parents this is the second or third teacher to be assaulted at the school this year. I hope charges are being pressed!”

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