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Sound off

“(Interim) Chief Burgess was an awesome Chief. Should have stayed for the city of Walthourville. He knows and cares about the people. He will be missed. He was the best. What a loss.”

“I called law enforcement about a vicious dog on Clubhouse Drive and children were playing in the area.  The deputy used his pepper spray on the dog because he risked himself from being attacked.  Animal Control showed up an hour and a half after the officer requested them.  AN HOUR AND A HALF!  The Animal Control Officer told us that she wasn’t doing anything about it and she was not ever going to write a ticket because she didn’t want to go to court! SHE DOESN’T WANT TO COURT!  You commissioners and administrators are a bunch of losers letting this happen. One day someone is going to get seriously hurt and you’re going to be in a lawsuit!”

“I can’t find the Hinesville City Police telephone number or the Liberty County Sheriff’s telephone number in the Century Link phone directory. Can anyone tell me how to locate them in the phone directory?”

“It’s so sad that people use government funding to take TDY trips for vacation on Fort Stewart. Government funding is being misused on post.”

“I see the court system is also on the take in Liberty County. For they send out a notice for jury duty to senior citizens who don’t drive. And tell them on the notice if they are late for jury duty or are a no show you are in contempt of court and can be fined or thrown into jail. For is this why they let the taxi cabs move to Midway and have only three Liberty Buses run each day when they have about nine buses at the department of public works. It’s bad enough that they cause the military people DUIs because the Liberty Buses stop running at 6 p.m. and it takes two hours now to get a Yellow Cab and local law enforcement fills the city and county coffers with money from GI DUIs. If there is a UBER system in Hinesville no one is letting the people know how to contact them. Wonder how long it will be before they send people in the old folks nursing home in Midway a jury duty summons?”

“So when exactly did Bradwell get a new boys’ basketball head coach? And how did they get that approved?

“To the caller inquiring about tennis courts: James Brown Park has some nice courts!”

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