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Sound off- Sept. 29

“As a Liberty County taxpayer, I’m very upset that people post political signs on private property without asking permission. I just talked to the Liberty County Sheriff’s Department and he said if the signs are posted behind the power line, that it’s considered private property. I would really appreciate it if people would stop postings signs on my private property without permission. It doesn’t look good for your party if you can’t even obey simple rules of etiquette.”

“Regarding Councilman Shaw, Councilman Shaw has done the job for 19 years, I’ve known him for 19 years. He couldn’t stand the other three who created all the rebel-rousing before on an employee. It was an embarrassment to him. I don’t blame him, I would have resigned too. I’m sure that if he wanted to, he’d give that money back, but he knows exactly what would happen. It’s embarrassing, and he tried, to serve a term. I will not criticize him, and I know for a fact what he’s done. I don’t blame him one single bit. The people that mouth off against him don’t even know what government is.”

“Liberty County School System will always have a problem. The administrators have no backbone. They are scared of the parents.”

“Superintendent Dr. Perry, you always come out to different schools and you always talk to the administrators… when are you going to have a meeting with the custodians?”

“This school bus passed me last week. I wanted to see how fast the bus was going, so I went 55 mph and slow, and I slowed down. The bus was pulling away, it must have been doing 60 mph or better.”

“I don’t get callers making bad comments against Board of Education members Keel and Carter. They were not the board members that caused all the problems. People re-elected the ladies that did all the stupid and illegal acts. Now you have the same ladies to continue their bad mess for the next four years. Good luck!”

“How can Liberty County Fire Service expend funds to purchase two red helmets that just say fire instructor on them, when there are other agencies needing these funds?”

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