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Sound off: Sept. 4
Sound Off
These opinions are not the Courier’s. Callers are not required to identify themselves, so we can verify neither sources nor motives. You may anonymously submit a comment online at or by phone by calling 876-3733.

“Bradwell band good Job!!! Keep up the good work band director at Bradwell.”

“This is to let everyone know there is no longer a Liberty bus stop at the Fort Stewart PX. You will have to walk in thunderstorms and dangerous heat to the Liberty bus stop at Winn Army Community Hospital and we don’t care if you are 75 years old or a 100 years old. We don’t have time to pick up at the old PX bus stop. We also don’t run No. 3 bus all day to all our stops on 196 West to Food Lion. The mayor of Hinesville has not given us enough money to do this so we stop running this bus at 9 a.m. It starts up at 6 a.m. and last run is at 9 a.m.”

“This is in response to the person who seems to have an issue with tattoos and piercings in the educational setting.  My tattoos and piercings are not an indicator or representation of my level of ability, education, commitment, and/or effectiveness any more than your ‘professional’ attire is.  I focus on ACTION.  The ‘doing’ part.  Although I agree that we must dress appropriate to the situation, my tattoos and piercings have not prohibited me from genuinely, effectively, and positively reaching students...teachers...and parents for the past 20 years.  And that is what it’s all about, yes?  My body art is an expression or extension of who I am or what makes me, well, me.  Appearances are too subjective to accurately judge what a person actually DOES to promote the educational, social, and personal growth of our students.  As a professional, I don’t care what you look like nor what your credentials are.  It’s ALL about what you DO!   So maybe our focus should be shifted to how we are actually positively impacting our students, parents, and community for the greater good.”

“Liberty County Recreation Department needs to get new umpires.”

“LHE has some silly acting teachers. Who would want to work in an environment like that? I would expect the students to act like they do. Where is the professionalism?”

“I think the golf tournament to honor fallen chief McClelland was amazing however I do find it in poor taste that the deputies were drinking at an event to honor a fallen officer to drinking and driving. Shame on you Long County Sheriff Office.”

“Frank Long Elementary’s PBIS program is good. But don’t give little girls makeup...That’s the parents’ job.”

“Melania Trump says her focus is on cyber bullying.  She has been all over the world trying to promote this-- which is a great idea and one that is needed.  Yet she does nothing to stop her husband from doing the exact thing.  How can we take her seriously when her husband is the number one cyber bully in the world?”

“Long Elementary school y’all need more help at the parent pick up line.”

“I was born and raised in America. I’ve been living in America for over 70 years. But this is the first time I’ve ever seen America come so close to becoming an authoritarian state. I’ve never seen America in such a way. That they elected one man, the president of the United States, and then 53 people in the Senate holds the United States hostage. This is what I’m afraid of, because I did time in the military: If the authoritarian person that is in the White House can get the general of our armed services to fall in line with his distorted thinking, then the United States of America will become an authoritarian country.”

“When did hypertension, sleep apnea, and diabetes become a service related disability? These are hereditary diseases. Since VA is the second largest budget expense in the Federal budget maybe it’s time to cut this entitlement program.”

“Trump says that mass shootings are a mental health problem. Didn’t he revoke the Executive Order preventing mentally ill people from getting guns?  Isn’t he in the courts right now trying to kill our health system?   So how can we treat mental illness?

“I’d like to take a few minutes out of my day to comment on what I can only assume was one person’s attempt at a dig into the Deputy Superintendent and a pitiful excuse to bring undeserved praise to a man who should have been let go a long time ago.  I will agree that the job description is lengthy BUT show me where it says that it was the same exact job description as Mr. Rogers’ who has had his job title changed how many times? It’s clear where I stand on this and for all who may think its personal let’s put that to rest with this, when you are supposed to be the department head then you should know something about transportation. The community really should be aware of what rules and regulations are PUBLIC knowledge, stop relying on others to tell you or give you the information.  Change is a beautiful thing!  Now to clean up and combine some of these non-essential jobs.”

“You know it’s kind of funny when the tax man checks mobile homes in the mobile home park here on Joyner Road. But they don’t ever check to see if county and city ordinances are being broken. I thought you had an ordinance that all mobile homes had to have skirting and black top roads that had to be maintained. Look around and you see all kinds of violations.” 

“Who is running Lyman Hall Elementary?  The students have full control.  It’s a zoo. Want to spend the day in the office as a helper or playing with toys with the principal?  Hit your teacher! That’ll do it for you.  The principal thinks he can change the atmosphere by loving the bad kids.  They need consistent discipline.  It’s a school, not a church.”

“Donald Trump’s latest rants on immigration could come back to haunt him.  He says if you are born here, both parents must be US citizens before you become a US citizen. Well check your own wife’s status - Jr and Barron might not qualify as a citizen.”

“Liberty County School Administrators:  Be aware of your staff and their phone use DURING class when they should be supporting and supervising students!  Know what’s going on in your classrooms, because the students see and hear everything!  As a parent, I don’t want to hear my kid telling me his teachers and paraprofessionals were on their phone in the classrooms!  Set an example, adults.”

“Buddy Carter says he is going to introduce a pro- environmental bill in the house.  Check out his voting record- he is not for the environment. How can he introduce a bill when he is in the minority party?”

“When are we going to start holding the superintendent accountable for what he says? He never follows up in an email or writing since he can’t even stand by his own words. He doesn’t care about our children or LCSS staff only a paycheck he doesn’t deserve.”

“Why is this county so strict when it comes to hiring new teachers? Why can’t they let people who have degrees related to a subject/content teach provisionally, especially those who are seeking certification in the progress? Other counties in GA do it so why can’t Liberty? Too much nepotism in the school system BOE.”

“Teachers who have paras: please give them an active role in the classroom or else when you leave the students will immediately step over them and run the class themselves. Get them more involved.”

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