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Store thanks customers, will close soon
Letter to the editor

Editor, It’s not easy to say goodbye to Hinesville. But, after 32 years in business, we are sad to announce that Freedom Home & Electronics will end operations at all of our retail locations, and our online store, later this month.
Unfortunately, in recent years, our business environment has changed in two ways: First, the lease-to-own industry that provides alternatives to the traditional financing at Freedom Home & Electronics is now in all our competitors’ stores and has seriously affected our customer traffic. Second, the price of televisions and other consumer electronics, which make up half of our sales, has decreased significantly, and we simply can’t make up the volume.
As a result, we must close our doors.
The decision was a necessity — the result of cruel economics.
It’s particularly sad because our customers and the communities we serve have become like family to us.  
And “family” is the operative word. Freedom Home & Electronics is a family-owned business that has proudly served the needs of military and civilian customers in and around Hinesville and throughout the country. Our business has always had a deep respect for service members and their families, so this is a role that has meant a lot to us — and one that we have taken very seriously.
We are, however, happy to offer customers the benefit of our liquidation sales, where the prices of our high-quality home furnishings and electronics will be greatly reduced. Those sales are going on right now at all of our retail locations.
We want to assure our Hinesville customers that we will continue to provide the top-notch customer service we are known for long after the store closure. Our customer-service department will remain open indefinitely to continue assisting customers with repairs, warranty issues, account services, etc. Our customer service team can be reached at or (866) 250-5148.
While we are closing our Freedom Home & Electronics stores, we will continue to serve our customers through other Freedom family businesses like Military Credit Services and Freedom Travel, which continue to perform well and will remain open.
In closing, we want to extend our thanks to the Hinesville community. It’s been a pleasure to serve you in our store and we appreciate the support you have given us for more than three decades.  

Link Melley
President and CEO
John Melley
Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
Freedom Stores Inc.

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