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Tax break for the rich, not most of us
Letter to the Editor
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I’m sure that, by now, everyone has received Republican Congressman Buddy Carter’s mailed flyer, “Lower Taxes. Bigger Paychecks,” touting the GOP’s successful tax program offering to give tax cuts (especially to the 1 percenters), and not so much to the rest of us. Then there was the COLA increase for those on Social Security.

The only problem is that as soon as the Social Security increase and Trump administration’s “tax cuts” program were launched, every company under the sun suddenly raised their prices: there have been price hikes for utilities, gasoline, food and everything.
So where is the “tax” benefit? It’s for the rich, those big wigs getting fat from Trump’s administration in Washington, supported by the likes of Congressman Carter.

Where are the work programs for Americans? Especially, those who have just graduated high schools and colleges? And who, behind the Beltway, is helping the escalating numbers of “in-betweeners” — those folk too young for retirement, but not old enough to stop working? They are rapidly being replaced by younger, cheaper workers.

These 50- to 60-year-olds are considered too expensive for other companies to hire, (although they would work for little more than minimum wage — enough to pay their mortgages, utilities and put food on the table), yet not old enough for Social Security and never mind the baby boomers, who have retirement nest eggs.
That flyer put out by Congressman Carter probably cost a mint. Mostly, his claim that the administration is helping workers now struggling to pay basic living costs, is going over like a busted balloon.

Dollie Goldman

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