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Tax for cop salaries would not work
Letter to the editor

Editor: Please, not another tax! This one does not pan out for me. I see a large county with sales outlets like Fulton County collecting more from the one cent than would be needed to balance their law enforcement salaries while a smaller county might not have the necessary funds from their tax.

As much as we love out police, I just don’t see citizens shipping their tax dollars out to pay government salaries in other counties.

When a salary needs to be increased it is just a matter of local budget priorities. Maybe the cops should get a raise before part-time mayors and council members or maybe instead of buying $47,000 SUVs agencies might prioritize payroll.

Fortunately it appears not to be a problem for us.

We are so flush in budget here that we have provided our tax dollar’s gasoline to Georgia State Patrol vehicles so they can afford their higher salaries.

Please, not another tax, just get the pencil and paper out and do the work.

Joe Gillam


Editor’s note: Gillam is a retired Hinesville police officer.

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