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Thanks, Dr. Sweat, for care of pets
Letter to editor
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Editor, Dr. Sweat has looked after our animals for more than 40 years, and I just could not let his retirement from veterinary practice go unacknowledged.
In the late 1960s, I recall a situation with a cocker puppy that was so ill that Dr. Sweat stayed at the clinic with it on a Sunday night, administering fluids and doing all he could do to save it. He called us late at night to let us know that the little dog had died.
In 1997, when our 19-year old toy fox terrier passed away, Dr. Sweat and the clinic staff sent us a sympathy card.
The intervening years were full of many occasions of successful, compassionate care for our dogs and unfailing courtesy for us.
In more recent years, my miniature poodle, Mishu, provided my family with some seriously scary experiences, including one Sunday afternoon when she managed to climb onto the dining-room table, locate the bottle containing her medicine and chew off the lid. I had no idea how many pills she had ingested, so I called Dr. Sweat at home, and he went to the clinic to find out how many pills had been prescribed. Thankfully, we were able to account for all of them!
When Mishu ingested deer repellent and became seriously ill, I again called Dr. Sweat at home, and he told me what to do for her.
Mishu did not have an easy puppyhood, and Dr. Rachel Peebles gave her devoted care, but Dr. Sweat was always available for backup, and we were thankful for that.
With four dogs to look after now, I frequently seek Dr. Sweat’s advice after church on Sunday mornings, and he always helps.
In closing, we wish Dr. Sweat well in his retirement and Dr. Peebles well in her relocation. Both of them have given our dogs excellent care and through the years. I just wanted to publicly thank them.

— Judy Shippey

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