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Letter to editor
Letter to the Editor generic

Editor: I went to the ER at Liberty Regional Medical Center with stomach pains. I didn’t wait very long and the first thing they did was an MRI. I was admitted and I had lots of concerns and questions. I met Dr. McCain very quickly who answered my questions and gave me the plan of attack for more diagnostics. A scope was scheduled and the results were not good. I have stage 3c cancer. My wife of 30 years and I were very scared. Dr. McCain did the scope on Friday and scheduled an operation to remove a large mass from my large intestines and small intestines on the following Monday. I was freaking out scared with the news and I have never had an operation, especially not this serious. I cannot put in words how tremendous Dr. Mcain was in her care for me and support. The nurses on the second floor were also perfect in their care and support. They were very professional, but also took time helping me to cope with what was coming, to include chemo. I was at this hospital for two weeks with great care all the way through this terrible news. I want, in a big way, to say thank you. 

Robert Steffey


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