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Thanks to officer for helping child in need
Letter to editor
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Editor, I am a mother of five children, one of whom is very ill and confined to a wheelchair. After some scheduling confusion Wednesday over the dates of an audition, my son, Tyler, found himself at Snelson-Golden Middle School with no way to call me and no ride home. He bravely began to travel the long road back to Highway 84 and then headed up 84 to the stoplight near the Department of Labor.
Unfortunately, the drivers, per their usual behavior, would not permit my son to cross to the opposite side of the highway. All Tyler could do was sit and wait because the sidewalk ended and only patchy pieces of impassable grass and rock remained. He was stuck.
Then an officer appeared and stopped traffic in all directions to allow my son to cross. To continue his kind act, the officer also got out and helped Tyler across the busy street.
I called the police station but was unable to find the hero who assisted my sweet boy. Tyler said the officer drove a “bluish car, different from ours.” He is apparently a black man of medium height with a stocky build, but he’s not heavy set. Tyler said the officer doesn’t have “very much hair at all.”
If you can help us find this officer, we would be so grateful for the chance to tell him how much his kindness meant to all of us. If anyone has information, please contact the paper. Thank you.
— Shallanna Calci

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