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The circus is almost over


The circus is almost over and the campaigns are about to roll up their tents. This presidential campaign has presented us with a real dilemma. We have two candidates who are not supported by the opposition or their own constituency. So much mud has been slung back and forth that even high-waders can’t get us through the muck. Yet, one of these candidates will be the next president, and we must make the choice. The right candidate is the one who will help make our life better and safer.

We have one candidate who says he will make America great again, but he spends more time personally bashing not only the other candidate but his own party. Then, we have a corrupt politician who uses a foundation that raises billions of dollars by giving donors, looking for favors, access to the secretary of state.

Both candidates say they are for women, yet one makes disparaging remarks about women, while the other threatened, smeared and targeted seven women, who had relations with her husband. So, who really supports women?

One candidate promises tax cuts and more spending on the military, while the other promises free day care, free college, the expansion of Obamacare, solar subsidies (already a failure), new bridges and tunnels.  Yet, neither explains where this money will come from, especially since the United States is technically bankrupt, owing $18 trillion. They don’t even say if or how the debt will be repaid.

Neither one discusses what I consider to be one of the most important issues of the entire campaign — the next supreme court justice, because justices often deliver opinions that align with the political ideology of the president who nominates them. The selection of the next justice will affect our lives for decades to come in regards to abortion, the second amendment, citizen rights, the death penalty, the constitution and other important matters.

Immigration is another significant issue. One wants to stop border crossings by illegal aliens, who cost the American taxpayers $338 billion a year, and stop potential terrorists from the Middle East, while the other wants to allow open borders, while allowing 65,000 un-vetted Muslims into our neighborhoods.

One candidate believes in the second amendment while the other wants control of our guns with many restrictions. One wants to expand Obamacare which is out of control, while the other wants to start over with competitive-based medical coverage.

One candidate filed no taxes because he followed the laws of the country, while the other did nothing to change those laws when she was a U.S. senator. One candidate spent 30 years in politics with little to show for it, while the other built an international corporation worth billions.

Trump or Hillary? Hillary or Trump? Who is the lesser of two evils? Who will not take us into a black hole, from which we may never recover? The candidates talk and talk, but say nothing that has meaning to us—the American people. They are too busy covering their past blunders and alienating the voter base. Think carefully before voting. We can’t afford to get it wrong.

Len Calderone

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