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The Courier a reader’s ‘fish wrapper of choice'
Letter to the Editor generic

Dear Editor,

Oh no no no NO Patty PLEASE DON”T GO.  You undoubtedly could make a heckuva lot more dollars and cents at the Washington Post or NY Times but then someone new would have to break-in to know just how WE like MY paper.  

My paper used to be The Baltimore Sun when we lived there but now our ‘fish wrapper’ of choice is The Courier.  We used to call The Sun the fish wrap, as did everyone else, and we actually wrapped fish carcass in them after cleaning.  Now we put the cleanings in the garden.

We too read the Sound Off as it is a part of the paper – some are thoughtful and some are always good for a chuckle.  

When the grandkids were smaller they’d climb up on Grandpops lap and ‘help’ him always read the funnies.

Now most of those grandkids are away at college (or soon to be there) and we just clip the funnies and other articles of interest and mail to them.  What with the price of stamps going up, would probably be cheaper to get them their own subscription? Probably, but then they couldn’t brag I get more mail than anyone in the whole dorm.

Alas it is great-grand kids occasional chance to grab a knee now and ‘help Pops’ read the funnies.  We all still get a lot of pleasure out of MY paper.

And sadly I just read that an acquaintance in Hinesville passed.  Fortunately it wasn’t to late to send remembrances.

My paper sits next to my easy chair and often when I can feel the blues coming on I reread the spiritual inspiration that I always find within.  Perks me right up.

Finally it’s good to leave for a while BUT always good to be home… Welcome Home Again… Jeff.

All considered, for what you get it’s well worth the price…every word

Don’t mind signing my name.

It’s Bruce A McCartney of Trade Hill Community (one of the nicest and friendliest in the county)

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